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Podcast: Preventing Elder Mistreatment and Abuse

In this episode of Back to Health, Dr. Michael Ethan Stern and Alyssa Elman, LCSW discuss the Vulnerable Elder Protection Team (VEPT) and their services in protecting vulnerable adults.

Ronald and Donna Piscitello

“A Battle with No End Date” (A Brain Mets Story)

This patient story was originally published by ֭Ƶ's Department of Neurological Surgery. Ronald Piscitello was only 47 years old when his life changed completely — not in an instant, but over the course of a long, confusing year. Today he is a changed man, and his wife and family are grateful to have him back after a frightening diagnosis and life-altering surgery. Ron beat some long odds, but thanks to the skill and wisdom of Dr. Rohan Ramakrishna and the brain mets team at... Read More

Nose examination of the child.

A New Sedation-Free Procedure Helps Doctors Diagnose Upper GI Tract Problems

There’s a new arrival at ֭Ƶ that’s making it easier for your gastroenterologist to see what’s happening in your esophagus or your stomach. It’s called transnasal endoscopy (TNE), and it’s performed without sedation. That means you or your child won’t need general anesthesia to undergo the procedure.

PET CT scan of Human Brain

Preparing for a CT Scan: Your Questions Answered

What follows is the second in a 3-part series on imaging procedures. The first part focused on mammograms, and the third will help you prepare your child to have an X-ray.

worker with myasthenia gravis disease

Myasthenia Gravis: What You Need To Know

While it may look similar to a stroke, myasthenia gravis is actually a rare, neuromuscular disorder. Learn more about how the disorder affects people.

Nurse in ICU examining premature born infant

Podcast: Fetal Care Center

In this episode of Kids Health Cast, Drs. Jessica Scholl and Ericalyn Kasdorf give an overview of the services offered at the Fetal Care Center.

Mother and her baby son playing on the beach during summer vacation

Summertime Sun Safety

Summer is fast approaching, and that means we’ll be spending more time outdoors. Sunscreen and protective clothing should be key components of any plan to keep your skin safe from the sun’s potentially harmful effects—most notably, its ultraviolent (UV) rays.

Friendly female doctor measuring pressure of the pregnant woman.

Raising Awareness of Preeclampsia: How to Protect Your Pregnancy

Preeclampsia is a serious pregnancy complication that does not have to have serious consequences. Learn how to protect your health.

Support group patients hug each other during the therapy session. Group therapy session, addiction treatment or team building.

Podcast: On Reproductive Psychiatry: Supporting Women's Mental Health Across the Reproductive Life Cycle

In this special episode from On the Mind, Dr. Daniel Knoepflmacher explores the complexities of women's mental health during hormonal transitions with Lauren Osborne, M.D. and Alison Hermann, M.D.

Caring young nurse doctor carer helping holding hands of happy disabled handicapped or injured old adult elder woman having disability health problem sit at home with walking frame walker in hospital

Infographic: Osteoporosis Awareness

Osteoporosis is the most common bone disease that older adults face, but many adults may not even know they have it. Take a few moments to learn about osteoporosis and why it’s too critical of a health risk to ignore.